Mehar Trading (Japan) has grown steadily since our conception in 1991. Our company has been supplying vehicles mainly to Oceania, Caribe, Africa and many countries around the world like Bolivia and Paraguay, meeting market demand and changes. At Aichi Trading we are able to supply good quality used cars from auctions, or dealers, to meet your requirements. We are also able to supply damaged vehicles, sold in as is condition, with a vehicle description, including any extras. With the revolution of the Internet it has made purchasing of vehicles quicker and less time consuming for YOU, the customer.

Our Abilities & Services

We have access to over 50 auctions equating to over 10,000 cars per day. Because of this strong network, we can supply cars quickly and cheaply. Within 12 hours of your request, we can provide pictures and other relevant information that you require. Our staff is well experienced and well trained to handle customer requests very efficiently.

We offer highly competitive Agents Fees and reliable vehicle descriptions. We also encourage our customers to visit Japan to get a first hand exposure to our operations and systems. We can make all arrangements for first time visitors. Please contact us for more details.

Areas of Our Major Strength

  • Providing customized solutions to our customers based on their requirements.
  • Using innovative purchasing techniques based on current market trends and demand.
  • Selection and Supply methods based on Customer Standards and needs.
  • Transparent information about the vehicle in the offering.
  • Extensive Inspection Process of each unit before shipment.
  • Regular updates for exciting business opportunities & bargains. Our key to success is our focus & utmost care towards our customers and their invaluable ideas, feedbacks & interactivity.

Methods Of Purchasing Vehicles From Mehar Trading

You can Buy from Aichi Trading using one of the following ways.

You can purchase from any Auction House where we have our membership. In this case we act as your buying agent and provide you with all necessary assistance and information required by you. We can provide you information, relevant to the vehicle type that you intend to buy, from previous auctions, so you will have an idea of the current bidding price. Once we receive your maximum bid, we then proceed to bid on your behalf. To ensure that your bid is registered on time, we do require a minimum of 12 hours notice.

Also we have vehicles available in our own stock. If you wish to purchase directly from us, we will provide/quote on price and send you condition and details of the vehicle.